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Chris and I can not thank you enough for helping us find, customize and purchase our first home. As new home buyers, we were unsure of what to expect and how the process worked. You explained the process in a way we could understand, took our phone calls on the large and small questions and came to all our important meetings with the contractors, builders and even flooring design. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and what we wanted to make sure we ended up with a wonderful home and not just a house. You were our voice and made our first home buying experience what I believe it should always be--exciting! I can not recommend you enough, and look forward to working with you again in 10-15 years!



Chris and Loren Miller"






 “I have found John to be very a professional and knowledgeable realtor.  He has been a great help to me personally as well as to many of my clients.  John is also a very personable realtor and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”


Bryan Hunt

Bryan Hunt, CPA, PLLC

6101 Redwood Square Center #302

Centreville, VA   20121

703-322-9770 (Office)

703-266-5665 (Fax)







John helped us make our move from Prince William to Fairfax County.  We value his honest advice and assessment of market conditions, but more importantly we appreciate the fact that he helped us keep the big picture in mind while we were making such a major life decision.


Mike and Debbie Moser

Fairfax, VA






John helped us buy our first home in Fairfax, and we worked with him again 5 years later to buy our second home in Vienna.  His knowledge of the Northern Virginia market really helped us narrow our search to find the right neighborhood.  It's not just about the house, it's about the lifestyle, and John was helpful in listening to our priorities so that we ended up in the perfect spot.

--John & Amanda Siddon








John Adams is a remarkable person.  From our very first meeting to the closing on our home, John always had our best interests in mind.  Patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy, John took care of us throughout our entire home buying experience.  Not only did he help us find our current home, he put us in touch with many excellent contractors with whom we still use almost three years later.   Buying a home can be a nerve-wracking experience but with John by your side, you will feel at ease throughout the entire process.  We are proud to know John as our broker and our friend.   

--Marcy & Pierce Fisher








  I was a first time home buyer who started with very little idea of what style of home I wanted or what price I could afford.   John and I sat down and talked and quickly arrived at a price range.  We went to see a diverse selection of homes  where I found what felt most comfortable to me.  We then went to some homes with that layout in the area I wanted to be and found one that was right for me.  John’s blatant honesty and willingness to spend whatever amount of time I needed to feel comfortable was wonderful.  He sat with me through the signing process ensuring that was done properly.  This was an area where I could easily have been taken advantage of.  He was a friend with a lot of experience helping me go through a process I had no knowledge of.  He is still the person I call with any home related questions.


--Jake Hartka





John has been a great agent to have in my real estate endeavors. He was my agent when I bought my first home at age 25 and again when I sold that house 10 years later. After I got married, John helped my wife and I find our first place together. He worked with my parents to sell a townhouse and my brother when he bought his first house. John has been a great help in guiding me with some real estate investments and is always there for advice when asked. I have every intention of using John to sell my current house when I retire and leave the NOVA area.


--Mike Zenker








Right now you are the closest thing to an angel that my family, and I have seen in a long time.  This has been a super ride!!!!!  Ten times easier than I thought it would be.  I've worked with other realtors before, and have always gotten substandard results.  My family and I have been nothing less than amazed at how you negotiate, and the way you carry yourself since day one.   I've waited so long to be a "Home Owner", and you've helped me succeed in doing so.  I can't thank you enough for being on top of everything........even the little details that really wouldn't matter.  If you are still in the business when I'm ready to buy our nest egg I will definitely hire you.  Thank you thank you thank you John.  

--The O'Neal Family.







  As the saying goes, it’s not what you know; but WHO you know that will make a difference in your life.  My family met John several years ago when we finally decided to sell a townhouse.  We were actually told about John through my son’s employment in Virginia when one of his associates was selling their house.  Needless to say, the associate spoke very highly of him.   So, by word of mouth comes the name of John Adams.  We decided to talk with John and hear what his thoughts were on the sale of the townhouse. These were dismal times with the market just beginning to slide concerning sales - we were not looking forward to the chat.  John told us what we really didn’t want to hear concerning the prices of homes going down, but trusted his knowledge in the field.  After John provided the contacts to assist us in getting the house “ready to sell”, the townhouse was sold in a very short timeframe – John made it painless in the end.  Since then, my son has purchased his first townhouse and guess who found it for him – John Adams.  John walked him through every step concerning the purchase – including picking out the tile!  He also provided the contacts to assist him with window treatments, etc. which were done on moving day.  If I ever sold my house, I would have John handle it – only problem is, I live in Arizona.  Hey John, have you thought about moving to Arizona?

--Diana Kunze







 As a first time home buyer, John helped me understand the entire process and guided me from prequalification to move in day.  Five years later as a first time home seller, John's network of resources allowed him to take care of all the details; all I had to do is show up for closing and sign the paperwork.  You won't find a better agent or smarter business man than John Adams!  

--Michael Parks






John Adams - "A Knight in Shining Armour" for our widows in No. Virginia.  He will never betray you. 

-Audrey Markham Sullivan

Founder and President of Widowed Persons Service of No.Va.





My current residence and location is absolute crap! I'm shelling out over $2,000 a month only to be living in a small room with 2 other smelly guys, in the middle of a concrete unfinished building with limited power, intermittent AC, and substandard water... My neighborhood is dangerous to say the least; I hear gunshots and explosions on the regular and the sound of helicopters and mortars wakes me up at night. The people in my immediate area are mostly English-speaking and somewhat friendly, but the next neighborhood down is like being in a whole other frickin country. The whole place smells like sewage and the weather is dreadfully HOT. There's no sort of transit system or any kind of local shopping mall to go to; everything I want has to be mailed in. I have to say I am NOT satisfied with my current living conditions at all.


The house you helped me buy, however, is AWESOME! You single-handedly made the whole process from start to finish not only simple and easy, but downright fun at times. On top of the fact it was Loren and my first realty endeavor, we were simultaneously preparing for me to leave on a combat tour in Afghanistan. I couldn't picture being able to accomplish both tasks at once; especially in such a short time frame; without your help. It was extremely reassuring to know we had someone with your level of dedication and experience on our team. You even went above and beyond by making yourself available to help Loren with the process even after I left for mobilization training. To know that she had someone to rely on and go to for help during the biggest purchase of our lives while I was gone was a bigger help than you may know. Beyond the physical representation and information you provided, you gave us peace of mind, which at the time for me was invaluable. I know I speak for both of us when I say we were lucky to get such a great realtor. We very much enjoyed working with you and we look forward to doing so again in the future! Thanks for all your help!


Chris Miller

SSG, Flight Medic

US Army National Guard"












John Adams
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